Mother's Day in Dorset

Without question, they’re irreplaceable. How do you define their love and support? In a word, priceless. Who else would tolerate sleepless nights when you were a baby?

Who else would remain calm, although embarrassed, when as a toddler you threw a tantrum in the supermarket aisle? Nobody.

Who else would quietly sob into a tissue with pride on your first day at school? Then be your number one cheerleader, your nurse, and your loyal best friend?

Yes, you’ve got it. Our mums are amazing; we love them for it! And although we ought to spoil them rotten throughout the year there’s one day that stands out from the rest. And it’s coming up again– Mother’s Day!

A Little Bit about Mother’s Day

You may wonder why Mother’s Day falls on a different date each year. In fact the day is arranged around the Easter calendar, with Mothering Sunday falling on the fourth Sunday of Lent. No, this is not just an excuse to boost commercialism; the day has strong religious links and is based on the concept that people would return once a year to their "mother" church, be it a Cathedral or the main church in the parish.

So, in the middle of Lent, people would congregate at the ‘mother’ church, thus creating an opportunity for families to reunite. And, en route, children would often pick wild flowers to give to their mothers as a gift. Hence the birth of Mother’s Day - and the tradition of children rewarding their mothers with small tokens of their love.


Finding a suitably expressive gift to say a ‘massive’ thank you to the most special lady in your life can sometimes be a little be tricky but it’s often the small stuff - the thoughtful gestures, the personable gifts, the handmade card that will really mean the world to a mum.


Thoughtful Gestures 

A thoughtful gesture will go a long way into making mum happy. Begin the day by letting mum enjoy a well-deserved lie-in. Try to be as helpful as possible by clearing up the breakfast bowls and dinner plates from the table, then washing the dishes or loading the dishwasher. Let the day run along calmly and try to tidy your bedrooms – that really will be a lovely surprise for mum!


Serve up an Afternoon Tea 

This Mother’s Day let mum experience a touch of British pomp and ceremony by serving up some finger sandwiches, traditional plain and fruit scones and fine indulgent delicacies such as sweetly flavoured macaroons and mini fruit-sponge cakes, washed down with a good hot cup of tea. This gastronomic delight will be a welcome treat for mums, especially if it has been concocted by the fair hands of the children.

This cocktail of well-favoured light snacks is easy for children to make and collate - and are affordable too. Simply let mum settle in her most comfortable chair and serve between 3pm and 4pm. Alternatively, enjoy this gastronomical ritual at a local hotel, restaurant or cafe and savour the opportunity to relish some good old-fashioned service. Besides, mum will love it! Get ideas at


Make a posy of flowers 

A pretty bouquet of shop-bought flowers will always be welcomed, yet if the posy has been chosen and inventively arranged by the children it will possess a certain individuality which will be cherished by any mum. There are various YouTube videos which offer instruction on how to make a hand tied posy using a variety of long and short stemmed flowers mixed up with decorative greenery. Take a look at


Treats for mum’s mum! 

So, what would be an appropriate gift for grandma? Well, let mum work that one out! Perhaps granny could be indulged with a day at a spa, a tasty dinner or perhaps a delicate piece of jewellery uniquely created by the grandchildren would be her number one treat!



Mother’s Day around the World

Australia: In Australia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. One of the main traditions is to wear a carnation - a white carnation honours a deceased mother, whilst a coloured carnation honours a mother who is alive and well.

USA: In the USA, since 1912, Mother’s Day has been celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Today, it is widely celebrated and is one of the most popular days of the year.

Mexico: Mexican mothers are treated to enthusiastic celebrations each year on May 10, otherwise known as Dia de las Madres. Churches organise a special mass, school children invite their mums to plays and dances, and shops give out little remembrances to visiting mothers.

Japan: In Japan, Mother’s Day takes place on the second Sunday in May. The tradition is for children to give their mum’s carnations, but also candles, books and homemade gifts.

China: Mothers in China enjoy a day away from the usual domestic duties, also on the second Sunday in May. One of the most popular traditions is when girls bring out special red-dressed dolls that are only brought out on Mother’s Day. At the end of the day the father gives small presents to females in the house. 

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