Defrosted Childrens Choice Award review


Defrosted is an entertaining and hilarious show. My younger daughter Emily (5) said: “I have never thought it is going to be so funny” and frankly speaking I have never seen her laughing so much and continuously for so long!

It is an extremely interactive show, presented by a very talented couple - the clowns Nicko and Cat. It gives both children and adults the opportunity to actively participate in the performance. Defrosted refers to Disney’s Frozen with some well-known songs from the film, however, it is very much a show on its own. A motif of magic combined with the use of physical comedy, puppets, colourful and sparkly dresses, snow machines and even modelling balloons but most of all the enormous amount of energy provided by Cat and Nicko make this show extremely attractive especially for young children.

The performers get an undivided attention of the young audience with the giggling being continuous throughout the whole show. I would highly recommend this super funny show for families with young children.

Our young reviewer said:

Anna (8) said: What I liked about the show was that the actors’ names were silly and funny and when the maracas banged the man’s face and I also liked when snow was falling on me”

Iwona Zaniewicz

5th August 2016

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